"Manipulate" series;


This work exists as a comment on (and opposition to) the explosive social media movement which has encompassed the way we receieve and process information and data about events and personal experiences around the globe.


The work starts as 2cm square digital images of my "A Minor" painting, and from there further photographs are taken to take the image down to raw pixel form. This process allows me to then displace and manipulate the composite colours and form of the original image, and create an altered "carbon copy" moving image of the original in GIF form.


The altered images stand to highlight the way that images can be taken and shared by anyone on the internet, and manipulated in either literary or visual form to push the agenda of the new party. 


As such I have uploaded them onto social media platforms, and have advised that they are to be shared amongst my "friends" list and beyond, but without any information regarding what they are. I believe this lack of information is crucial to exploiting the data overload and mindless "click and share" mentality of those pushing their own agendas using the social media empire.


These GIF images are designed to inhabit the social media network, but can also be utilised in a gallery installation as video pieces on televisions, constantly looping and creating a video wall that builds gradually in intensity as the piece progresses. In this instance, the audio piece "A Minor" would accompany the video installation.