It’s the documentation of an experience, not just a painting.

“Kveikur” composition building, New Jersey, 2016

My painting style takes on more of an expressive performance role, in that each composition is produced in a single, extensive sitting where I listen to the audio stimulus on repeat.


I never work on an easel or against a wall, I find that laying the large canvases flat on the ground allow me to move freely around and apply each individual layer of “sound” or “tone” to the canvas in the truest form that I can replicate from my sensory perception.


Each composition will embody a whole piece of music or album, and will contain “features” of the composition as highlights or focal points.


Depth within my composition paintings is the most important thing to me. In inviting the viewer to “see sound”, I believe they should be able to lose themselves in the tones and textures presented in front of them.