"Monolith: Rebirth"
audio visual projection installation: 7:20
previewed at The Brick Lane Gallery, 02/19
audio visual projection installation: 5:20
installed at ArtRooms Fair London 2019



UNA Gallery Summer Show: "Light and Space"


August 2017

Sound // Projection // Installation


Projected into the derelict walls of St Marys Works, an old shoe factory.

Created in response to a composition painting of mine, in that all the audio was recorded and edited from a performance of me "reciting" the painting on piano. The layered imagery comes from digitally rendered frames of the painting itself, with the audio channel dictating how the visuals are manipulated. A synthesised synaesthesia. 

// Deconstruct audio \\

"Exposure: How To Write A Painting"


Data projection installation with sound.

“As a person with synaesthesia, the painting aspect of my work is created around the visualisation of engagement with audio stimulus: a physicalised intangible experience, a “joined sense” - in my case displaying my response to sound as a colour, shape, texture or direction of application. 

Through the spatial deconstruction and digitisation of the traditional method of viewing painting, and its existence in an exposition environment, my aim is to create a fluid and live data projection “painting” that isn't to be housed by the physicality of painting form. By creating a sequenced visual narrative and attempting to encapsulate the performance of composition through digital layering, I aim to project a colour story synchronous with the audio stimulus present to create an immersive, multi-sensory environment.”

"Data Painting" detail 


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Exposure - Norwich Castle

December 2016

Massive thank you to Double Take Projections

"Sound Room: Volume 1"


Side view of installation room.


Accompanied by a 7:27 minute sound piece and video.


The colours that are projected onto the suspended, hand-brushed perspex are synchronous with the musical verses I have written and are being played.


The concept of this piece is to create a fully immersive audio and visual environment, where the audience is invited to enter the space and dwell within.


This is an ongoing project, of which I will make 3 further volumes.


The audio for this piece can be found on the "Sound" page of this website, and the full video with sound on the "Video" page. 


A limited edition run of 6 signed DVD's will be available for purchase at the Kingston Fine Art Degree Show on May 30th 2015. Please contact me on details provided for information.