Initial "Parasite Installation"


Super simple sketches of what I wanted this installation to look like. 


Nothing more, nothing less.


The wire sculpture had to be intricate, but robust enough to carry the weight of itself.


The red twine jutting out from the main abscess is to resemble veins, attaching themselves to the surrounding architecture.


As this is a work to be continued, these pieces will be interchangable. 


A few pieces/artists that have inspired this work:

E. Elias Merhige - Begotten - 1990

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As experimental horror films go, I don't think I've ever seen something quite so unsettling.


The way the body twitches and disembowels itself is so unnerving, I actually thought it was real.


The images and way this film is shot provided a large amount of inspiration in the editing of my film. The graininess only serves to greater heighten the sense of terror within.


The use of sound in this film is also particularly interesting, as for the most part it is minimal, but still manages to compliment the visible macabre images on screen. As I said before, it makes the film seem real.


Of course, the "God" character also had some bearing on the creation of my "Parasite".

Installation Pieces:

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All of these installations incorporate the use of space or the materials I wish to use for this project. 

Anish Kapoor: Sculpture and Installation

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The scale and grandeur of Anish Kapoor's work is truly mesmerising. 


The way he creates all encompassing environments is what I hope to achieve, with the complete alteration of an environment.

Sunn 0))) : Sound and Performance

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For a long time, Sunn 0))) have been my inspiration for producing low end, drone pieces.


The way they incorporate weight, depth and sheer volume and power into their pieces and perfomances induces the audience into a complete trance like state. 


They were the band (collective?) who introduced me to the idea of sound as a narrative, a way of telling a story through pure and raw expression.


In the near future, I have plans to adopt their recording and production style after having produced works of a similar feel.


Their live show is also a force to be reckoned with, often performing in the most dramatic of venues. They perform in robes, almost completely hiding away their identities.


I believe this ties in with the "Ritual" work from earlier this year.



Please don't be angry.