"Sound Room: Volume 1"



2 part musical performance and recording to accompany a video and installation works.


I wrote this piece as the first part of a 4 volume series.


All parts played, recorded and edited by myself.


Running time 7:27 minutes.





"Columns 1"



Part of an installation work.


This work is an audio representation of my painting "Blue Sound", a reversal of my usual method of practice. This piece accompanies my installation work, also entitled "Columns".


"Suspended Perception"



Sound installation.


Displayed as headphones and audio player.


The audience is invited to pick up the headphones and play the piece.


An attempt to alter ones perception of an environment through the use of low end "pressure" sound used in horror films.

"Hollow in C-major"



Stand alone piece, exhibited at "Noodles" Kingston.


This work was composed by taking recordings of a large roll of chicken wire, which I had previously used to make my installation "Tower Sound".


The sound was then layered,edited and each individual sequence transposed and pitch corrected, so the sounds are in C-major.

"Gaol: Footsteps"



Sound installation.


Audio partly gathered from Tilly May Phyall-Davis.


Audio source concealed, played throughout exhibition space.


The resonant frequency sound of Bodmin Jail, extracted and edited from original audio recorded on site.


Footsteps recorded by Tilly May on site.

"To The Sea"



Sound work to accompany film.