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Over the last few years, I've been lucky enough to be asked to create installations and painting responses for commercial products and musicians such as Adidas, Glenfiddich, Braun Audio and Amber Run. Here you'll find an overview of what we built together.

"A Study in E-major" 2023

TODA Dubai X Morrow Collective X SuperRare

"This work is an aesthetic and aural study into the colour deep blue, which draws on the philosophy of colour theory. The piece evokes the tone of E-major within the synaesthetic capabilities of the artist.


Jake-Andrew transcribes his emotional experience of the colour first into an abstract and gestural painting, which he also hears as music at the same time as seeing. After building the score on canvas, he composes the sound into a score, which is later fused with a digitised and animated version of the painting.


Able to see in sound and hear in colour, the connotations of deep blue for him become multi-sensory and this experience is passed on to the viewer with his art. The art is framed digitally, as a reference to the physical painting from which this NFT was born.


The score transports the viewer to the aural dimension."


Glenfiddich: "The Taste In Colour Experiment" - Summer 2022

During Spring/Summer 2022, the team at Glenfiddich invited me to create a projection installation and painting series inspired by their latest offering "Orchard Experiment"

"The event had a limited four-week run, from 11 August to 4 September, allowing guests to enjoy a one-of-a-kind artistic experiment with physical artwork, digital projections, soundscapes and tactile effects, for a multisensory immersive experience. They were also able to try bespoke cocktails featuring Glenfiddich Orchard Experiment, curated by Chris Tanner, general manager at Silverleaf.

"Nason is a gestural abstract expressionist artist who experiences synaesthesia. He has used this to transform the flavours of the new Glenfiddich Orchard Experiment into art, combining classical painting techniques with modern concepts and movements to communicate the complex flavour notes and layers found within the whisky.'


The event took place within ALBA, Silverleaf’s exclusive, private tasting room. London’s popular Silverleaf bar is home to pioneering mixology and a forward-thinking menu.

“Understanding the layers and the depth of the palette lend itself perfectly to my style of artistic experimentation – creating an audio-visual crescendo that rises and builds as the lighter notes give way to the deeper flavours underneath, which is something my synaesthesia enables me to articulate.”

Mark Thomson, Glenfiddich Ambassador to Scotland added:

“Watching Jake-Andrew translate his own experience of tasting Orchard Experiment into art has been a privilege and we can’t wait for guests to experience the spectacular results for themselves, as well as question their own perceptions of taste, in this exquisite setting.”

Curated experiences were also available, allowing guests to get even closer to new Glenfiddich Orchard Experiment and the artistic collaboration. These included an art masterclass guided by Jake-Andrew Nason, and a tasting masterclass with Glenfiddich experts and Silverleaf mixologists."

Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 15.50.31.png

KnownOrigin - Digital Natives 2021

A live painting session at the UK's largest crypto-native event. The piece was then live minted and sold on the night. "Everything That Happens From Now"

Braun Audio: "Sound, designed"

What if you could see colour through sound?

Synaesthesia. The perceptual phenomenon in which two sensory or cognitive stimulations overlap. A crossing of senses if you will. Someone who possesses this ability of visualising colour when hearing sound is known as a synaesthete, and two such artists are Jake Andrew Nason and Tokio Myers. In collaboration with Braun Audio, a project was launched in which they interpret the sound delivered by the LE range through a work of art. Watch below with headphones for the full, immersive, binaural experience.

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